What's The Difference Between a Server and a Sideboard?

Dining rooms host family meals, holiday gatherings, and milestone parties so choosing the right furniture is important. Dining room storage comes in many shapes and sizes with options like sideboards, buffets, hunt boards, servers, and china cabinets but what's the difference between all of these types of furniture? We found some pretty and practical dining room storage furniture options in the Belfort Furniture Clearance Center and showcased them below!  Keep reading for a quick lesson to learn the difference between a sideboard and a server.


1 - The Sideboard is a long low storage piece and will most often have a short leg and a cabinet. It is about waist height with a surface to place food upon while serving. The antique version of the side board is the hunt board which is taller. It was designed for people to stand around after a hunt.

2 - A Buffet is really just a sideboard but with high legs and  storage. When a cabinet is added to the top it is called a hutch and used to display items.  The first buffet tables were used in Sweden for  large spreads of food known as Smorgasbords.  Depending on the room placement, a buffet placed in an entry or living room could be referred to as a sideboard or a cabinet.

3 - Servers are smaller in scale and more formal, they may have drawers, doors or an open bottom. In a formal  restaurant, the server is traditionally a place where those serving the food can place the serving dishes. For our homes, the server is perfect for small dining areas.

4 - Credenzas were historically used as a place to test food for poison before serving to royalty. They are usually designed low and long with slender legs and with a storage cabinet to the floor. Mid Century Modern styles are a strong design trend seen in today’s market.

5 - The China Cabinet  was designed and built for Queen Mary in the late 17th century for displaying and storing fine china. It can be used for collectables like books, small framed pictures or a combination of items. You can be creative here; do not feel locked into only displaying grandma’s china.

We would like to know what  your favorite dining room piece is?

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