Accent Furniture With A Purpose


Now that the core pieces of furniture are selected for your space, consider adding a few accent pieces. These are the pieces that add interest and create a little excitement in the room. The Belfort Furniture Clearance Center  has a wide variety of unique pieces. We have selected a few we thought were accent worthy.

The purpose of accent furniture is to add color and a little drama; it should stand out to compliment the room décor. These pieces tend to be used for more of a decorative value not necessarily for function.  Consider selecting pieces that have a little pizzazz. Here are several areas you can focus on for assorted accents.

1 -  The foyer or entry in your home sets the tone for the rest of your home; this is a great place to showcase an accent item like a small chest. Furniture that is painted, glided or carved are great options for your entry way since they don't need to coordinate with existing furniture. We found this vine painted table from Coast to Coast as a great option for your foyer.

2 - Small tables with painted finishes, detailed inlays, textures and scalloped edges can be layered into any room.   Try a small accent table for extra surface space in a bedroom or living area. We love this little pink studded leather table from Vanguard Furniture.

3 - Larger accent pieces are great for filling an empty wall space or corner. Consider an armoire or a glass paneled door cabinet to showcase collectibles.  We liked this armoire from BeGlobal.  Antique carved doors imported from India, also make unique accents and can lean or hang in an open area with tall ceilings.

It might be the perfect time to splurge on an accent to embellish your space.  Shop our Clearance Center and Warehouse at 22250 Shaw Road, Sterling VA 20166.  Our Clearance Center is re-stocked daily – items are first come, first save!  Visit us often because you’ll never know what you’ll find.