How to Select a Cocktail Table For Your Sofa

The coffee table or cocktail table is the last piece of the living room puzzle, chosen after all the seating. Now you must select just the right one to fill the space and one that works with your sofa. There is a method to selecting the correct coffee table to match your sofa.  The shape, size & style are all key design factors in your selection process and we have outlined them below to make the process a little less of a challenge.

Table Shape

The possibilities of shape include round, oval, square, rectangle and free form. Round and oval coffee tables are perfect for sectional seating. Square or rectangle coffee tables are ideal for L shape seating. A freeform table can be used in front of either a straight sofa or L-shaped sofa.


Table Size

Take a look at the floor space in front of the seating area. The shape and size of the floor space in front of your sofa will determine the right shape for your table.   If the floor space is longer on one side than another, your coffee table should be the same.  If the floor space is square, your coffee table should have equal sides all around.

The width of the table is generally not the issue. It is the length that counts in determining the correct size table and how it relates proportionally to the length of the seating. The proper height of the coffee table is the same or similar height of the seat cushions on the sofa.

Table Style

Select a style that is similar to the sofa and the other room décor. When it comes to finishes, there are many great choices. Popular options include stone, glass, painted finishes and wood varieties. Before selecting the table consider the room function and who will be using the room. This will help narrow down some of the choices in selecting the perfect cocktail table for your space.

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