Tips For Mixing Fabric Patterns


When it comes to coordinating patterns for your room décor, mixing and matching patterns in a room can be a challenge but there is a method.  We found a few items from The Belfort Furniture Clearance Center  to show you how to pull together a flowing mix of patterns.

Here are our Top Tips for Choosing Fabrics to Mix Together:

1 - Odd numbers work best! Try combining 3 different fabrics that coordinate to complete your room. You can always add more as you gain confidence. We have shown 4 patterns to make it interesting.

2 - Your first pattern is your strongest pattern and should make a statement. It will also set the tone for the rest of the room. For our first pattern we used this suzani printed chair from Huntington House.

3 - The second pattern in your room should pull colors from the first and be smaller in scale. For our room we chose this hounds tooth chair as the second pattern which pulls the beige and creams from our first pattern.

4 - For the third pattern, select a complementary color or neutral texture. We chose a neutral sofa with a linen texture.

5 - Stay with the same color tones throughout your space. This will add harmony to the room. The large suzani patterned chair we selected has a variety of pretty neutrals and we used those colors to pull our coordinating furniture pieces into the room

6 - Use solids and textures to add balance and give the eye a place to rest. The solid sofa we chose becomes our resting place within our room. Consider adding toss pillows in a stripe or plaid in like colors to add more texture.

What are some of your favorites when it comes to mixing and matching?

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