Guest Bedrooms, 101

I just came back from a visit to my cousin’s home, where I stayed in their beautiful guest bedroom. The space was inviting, stylishly decorated and included all of the finishing touches that make a guest feel welcome.  There was some thought put into decorating this room – it wasn't just a place for unwanted furniture, or a drab space with simply a mattress and box spring thrown in the corner. The room was painted a soft blue.  The bed's headboards were upholstered and beautiful artwork adorned the walls. There was a comfortable leather chair in the corner, as well as a luggage rack, a chest of drawers and even a terry cloth robe in the closet.  It got me thinking about the state of the guest room in my own home. It doesn't say “I’m so happy you came to visit.”  The plain vanilla box of a room looks like I couldn't be bothered with my overnight guests' comfort. It is so uninviting and just sits there unused for most of the year. I am now inspired and determined to create a welcoming guest room for my own visitors. Soon it will be beautiful...and multifunctional so it can be used on a regular basis and not just for overnight guests. My recent guest room experience has shown me the items I need to add to my Belfort shopping list: a great bed (or two!), a chest where my guests can store a few clothes or a bench for placing a suitcase or overnight bag, a comfy stylish chair for reading or simply relaxing, and perhaps a table so they may do a little light work on their laptops, and of course artwork and other accessories for the room. All of these items should be gender neutral so the room can accommodate any guest who comes to stay.

But before I get started, I’m going to the Belfort Furniture website to take their Design Style Quiz. Not only will it help me define my design preferences, but after a simple five minute on-line questionnaire, I'll be rewarded with a Belfort Furniture coupon to use on accessories for my new guest room!

The Bed

A great guest room needs a great bed. I loved the look of the upholstered headboards on the twin beds in the guest room I visited.  Belfort has several great options, including this Twin Madison Crown Top Headboard from Bernhardt. The shape reads slightly feminine, but the neutral fabric and nail head detail make it look anything but girly.

Putting two twin beds in a guest room instead of one larger bed is a terrific way to accommodate a variety of overnight guest situations and for a small expense a twin bed converter can turn them into a comfortable king bed.

A twin day bed with a trundle is perfect for turning your guest room back into a cozy den when your overnight guests depart.  This Summer Breeze Daybed from Legacy Classic is one option available at Belfort Furniture.

If most of your guests tend to be couples, queen size beds are a more comfortable alternative than full size beds. A great choice for keeping the room sophisticated is the Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Slipcover named Burkesville.

And another excellent selection is the Queen Garden Storage Bed by Vaughan Basset. The drawers in the storage bed are a real space saver if you don’t have room for a separate chest.

A Bench, a Chest, a Bit of Storage

A little bit of storage is necessary in a well-appointed guest room. Your guests aren't staying forever so you don’t need large bureaus, but you do need to provide a place to lay their suitcases and possibly a few drawers if your visitors prefer to unpack.

I absolutely love the idea of a bench at the end of each twin bed. They are so versatile for placing opened suitcases or for sitting on while dressing. Notice the chest is used as a bedside table. It is another storage piece that is just the right scale for this guest room.

This nightstand from Belfort Select is sophisticated and gives your guests some storage. In addition to using it as a bedside table, it could also be useful when positioned opposite the bed and holding a small television.

When shopping, don’t just look for furniture traditionally used in bedrooms. This Rustic Cherry Drawer Dresser from Smartstuff is actually a media cabinet but has drawers that can be used for your guests’ belongings.

Have a Seat

Most guest rooms are short on space, but that doesn’t mean with careful planning you can’t include a comfortable chair. Look for smaller scale pieces like the chair in this guest room. It is narrow and not very deep so it can easily tuck into a corner. What is great about including a chair in a guest room is for the times of the year when the room is unoccupied, it becomes a quiet den for you to enjoy for yourself.

Belfort has plenty of chairs that will tuck nicely into your guest room. This beautiful pink Keller Chair from Rowe is only 29 inches wide but it is still plenty comfortable to sink into while reading a good book.

Have a bit of fun in the guest room with a chair in a bold fabric. This Belfort chair in olive green with a fun zebra print will make a stylish statement in the room.

A Mini Office

If space permits, think about adding a small table or desk in the guest room. Your guests will appreciate a place to check email on their laptops and you will have created a quiet getaway for your guests to use for homework or office work.

The glass top desk in this guest room is shallow so it fits nicely into this niche, but the extra-long length delivers plenty of work surface. The glass keeps it light and airy so it doesn't take up much space visually even though it is sizable.

When you visit Belfort Furniture, be open to finding pieces that aren’t actually desks.  You may find a great selection of furniture that has large work surfaces which may work well in your guest room. The small Scarborough Sofa/Console Table by Belfort Select works well as a substitute desk.

One of my favorite pieces at Belfort is their Colony Floating Drawer Sawhorse Desk by Stanley. It offers a bit of storage and, although a substantial size, it feels airy.

Now you know the essential components to creating a “Five Star Hotel” guest retreat that can also be a quiet den or work spot for you and your family. Once you have the basics in place, don’t forget to add in the accessories like great bedding, artwork, drapes and area rugs to really make the room welcoming. I hope these ideas have inspired you to take a trip to the Belfort Furniture Showroom. Belfort is definitely the place to go for quality stylish furniture at the best prices, whether for your guest bedroom or for any room in your house.

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