Are you hooked on Downton Abbey? Let Belfort Furniture help you bring a bit of that old English style into your home.

If you are like so many of us, you are hooked and waiting for Sunday night’s new episode of Downton Abbey. We're watching too and not only is the show being widely viewed, but it is influencing our customer's tastes in furniture. The series takes place at the turn of the century and centers on life in an English Mansion. The set of Downton Abbey is full of gorgeous classic furniture pieces. Beautiful accent chairs, ornate dining rooms, elaborate libraries, and elegant bedrooms are just some of the backgrounds shown each week. The show’s photography is simply amazing and it is helping to bring some of our much loved classic furniture collections back into fashion. Seeing the inner workings of this British mansion from the eyes of the wealthy, as well as the eyes of the "help" who take care of them, makes for a unique double story line. The furnishings take center stage as the servants meticulously clean and maintain each room in the mansion. From preparing elaborate dinners to fluffing pillows in the library and cleaning fireplaces; the beautiful furnishings in this television series are difficult to miss.

At Belfort Furniture, we can help you bring a bit of that old English style, like Downton Abbey, to your house today. We have beautiful, classic furniture collections to create that timeless look in your home. Keep in mind, classic pieces integrate well even with modern furniture to create a more eclectic feel.

The Belfort Signature Westview Classic Dining Room set is perfect for a lavish dinner party. (Go all out and make it a black-tie dinner party!)

The home.

This Aspenhome Hathaway Hill, 10 Drawer Dresser with bowed drawer fronts and turned feet perfectly complements the bed above and brings with it the storage needed for any bedroom. We just love the hardware.

And for your home office or the Earl of Grantham's library in Downton Abbey, this Aspenhome Hathaway Hill Executive Desk and Lighted Bookcase Wall Unit would be a smart choice.

For some English luxury in your "sitting" room.  The Bernhardt Foster Leather Sofa is the perfect sofa.

And for the British touch in that same "sitting" room, this Belfort Signature Westview Decorative Round End Table certainly brings an elegant feel to your room.

Can't you imagine Countess Violet sitting in this chair while enjoying tea with her daughter-in-law Countess Cora? This stylish, Fairfield Flowing Exposed Wood Accent Chair fits perfectly into the Downton Abbey decor and would make a grand statement in your living room. The classic look and bright yellow fabric contrasted against the exposed cherry wood are formal and sophisticated.

Let Belfort Furniture help you create a touch of Downton Abbey style in your home. If you like the look, but you're just not sure you can pull it off, remember we have a professional design team that would love to help out. Email us to make an in-home appointment today!

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