See what we're doing to get ready for Earth Day - And some environmentally conscious ideas for you too!

Earth Day 2013 is quickly approaching and this time of year always makes us sit back and reflect upon the great things we’re doing to help our environment – as well as what else we can do!  At Belfort Furniture, we strive to help mother nature in any way that we can.  Take a peek at some of the efforts behind Belfort Furniture’s mission to be environmentally friendly. Belfort Furniture is going green!  We’re making continual steps towards becoming a more environmentally conscious company each and every day.  We’re dedicated to finding solutions for the sustainability of the planet.  So what exactly are we doing?

LED Lighting – We’ve replaced all of the lighting around the showrooms with LED lighting.

Belfort Plants a Tree for Every Delivery

Plant a Tree for every Delivery – If you haven’t already heard this one, we plant a tree for each delivery!  Working in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Forestry, Belfort plants one tree for every delivery it makes and we have done so since 2007.  Belfort’s trees are restoring forests, beautifying our landscape, and helping to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

Recycling – Not only do we recycle paper, plastic and aluminum around our showrooms and corporate office, but we’re recycling all of the cardboard materials that come through our receiving dock and warehouse. Belfort Furniture recycles an average of 25 TONS of cardboard a month!

Go Paperless – Internally, we have our own Belfort Buzz newsletter that provides pertinent information to all of our employees on a monthly basis.  This year, Belfort Furniture has started to send out our internal Belfort Buzz electronically instead of printing multiple copies for everyone to view.

Some of our future initiatives include going paperless with paychecks, installing motion sensor light switches, and further reducing our paper waste.

As your Loudoun County Furniture Store, Belfort Furniture is currently enrolled in the Loudoun County going green challenge.  We’re working together to accumulate points for doing various things that will help us become a green company and reduce our carbon footprint.

Belfort Team Member Carpool to Work

A group of Belfort employees carpool to work every day to conserve energy.  Along with carpooling comes great laughs, a different radio station everyday (depending upon who’s driving!), and Starbucks stops every morning to get ready for a busy day at Belfort Furniture.

What can you do?  These easy steps can not only make your life more organized and a bit easier, but they can help out our environment too!

Lil Mo Whimsy Kids rug

Carpool – Just like our employees, carpooling is an excellent way to not only save money but to help save the environment.  Lower emissions and conserve energy!

Recycle – Start simple! Paper, plastic and aluminum!

Bike Ride – Visiting the local town center?  Ride your bike to run your errands instead of using your car.

Cloud Slipcover Sofa by Be Modern

Book Night – Have a family book night.  Instead of watching television or hiding behind your computers, pick some of your favorite books, or some new ones, and get reading!

Join us in the effort toward creating a better environment for us and our family to live it.  Being eco-friendly starts at home whether it's your kitchen processes, your furniture, your architecture, or more.  Check back to the Belfort Buzz next week to read about our eco-friendly furniture and environmentally conscious manufacturers - another way you can contribute and make a difference!  Visit Belfort Furniture, with the largest selection in Washington, DC we have the furniture you're looking for and some eco-friendly aspects throughout our showrooms and warehouse.

What are customers saying about Belfort Furniture?  Read real Customer Testimonials on our site and preview the customer reviews below:

Google Review - Quality: Excellent, Appeal: Excellent, Service: Excellent - March 5, 2013

My husband and I bought our very first couch at Belfort in January, and we are very pleased with the quality, service and prices at Belfort. The delivery crew made a great effort to deliver the couch around our schedule, and made sure that the couch was in the place that we wanted it. We would recommend Belfort to everyone.

By Christina Hovan

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