Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Checklist: Taking care of your furniture

Now's the time for you to get your home in 'tip-top' shape.  Clean and organize your home to create a peaceful environment. We thought we'd share with you our favorite furniture cleaning checklist – and some tips on furniture care. Excellent furniture care begins with consistent cleaning and proper care.  Some of the checklist items below are excellent ways to continually care for your furniture while others are for special incidents.  We always recommend adding the Guardsman Gold In-Home Furniture Protection Program to your order. This supplemental furniture protection plan covers incidents that may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  Covering accidents like household stains, cuts, tears, rips, chips, scratches, and more, this protection plan gives you the peace of mind to live with your furniture without worry.

Paula Deen Down Home Occassional Tables

   Dust with a dry, soft cloth.

   Polish regularly with a good quality alcohol and silicone free polish – Belfort offers Guardsman wood cleaner and wood polish.

  Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives on any finish. Keep solvents such as nail polish remover and alcohol away from wood furniture.

Treat drawer glides with candle wax or Vaseline for smooth operation.

   Fill any minor scratches with Guardsman touch-up pens.

Rowe Fenwick Curved Sofa

For spills, be sure to clean up right away and in accordance with the manufacturer’s cleaning codes, typically found on the manufacturer’s label.  Ever wonder what those furniture and upholstery cleaning codes really mean? Wonder no more!

WS – Clean with water-based cleaning agents and foams, or with water-free dry cleaning solvents

W – Use water based cleaning agents or foams only

S – Use mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents only

X – Do not use foam or liquid agents on this fabric – Vacuum or brush lightly to remove soil

Verona Modern Sectional

Pure Aniline Dyed Leather - V W L M/S

Protected Leather - V W L M/S

Wax Oil/Pull Up Leather - V W L M/S

Nubuck Leather - V L

-V: Vacuum with brush attachment for regular cleaning

-W: Routinely wipe with damp sponge or cloth

-L: Blot liquid spills with clean, dry cloth

-M/S: Stubborn stains can be cleaned with mild solution, non-perfumed, non-colored soap and lukewarm water - be sure to rinse and wipe thoroughly and air dry!

Whenever using a cleaning agent on upholstery or wood furniture, be sure to pretest the agent on a small, unnoticeable portion of the furniture.

Mattresses must be protected from stains to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.  Use a high quality mattress pad to ensure the mattress is kept clean and stain free!  Don't forget to ask about Guardsman Mattress Pads available in store.

After all is said and done, Guardsman Protection Plans are excellent options to ensure the continued care of your furniture.  These plans can be purchased for your furniture up until delivery - and they are available to purchase online or by phone!  Prices depend upon your merchandise total so contact Belfort Furniture today to add a plan to your order now!

For a fresh new spring look in your home today visit Belfort Furniture - the Washington DC Area's largest selection and knowledgeable staff when it comes to wood furniture, upholstery furniture, and leather furniture.

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