Craving a trip to your favorite resort? Bring the resort look into your home.

Maybe you just got back from your favorite resort or you just can't get there this summer. Either way, we wanted to give you a few ideas that can help you bring that resort look to your home and enjoy it year round. Resorts usually revolve around some type of water.  Whether it is a beautiful beach with crystal clear blue waters, a cool calm mountain stream or lake or even a spa with relaxing water treatments, water is a common theme and a crucial ingredient that really calms and soothes your soul. The crashing waves at the beach or a trickling brook are sound cues that remind us of that resort get away. You may consider adding some water elements to the exterior or interior of your home, whether it is a small fountain, a backyard waterfall or Koi pond, the sound of the moving water is relaxing.  Or another idea...what about an upgrade for your master bath?  A new shower or spa tub can be just the right thing to bring the spa/resort feel to your house.

When we escape our everyday life and visit a resort, we usually spend more time outside and more time relaxing.  It makes sense to bring some of the natural elements to your home so that you can have a more relaxing atmosphere on a daily basis.  Bring nature into your house with some freshly cut flowers. The fragrance and look of the flowers will bring nature inside and bring that special Spa touch to your home.

De-cluttering your space will be an important factor to bringing this look to your home. Calm serene environments are never filled with clutter. For a resort look, you need a clean and simple space.  It is a minimalist look that relies on a few beautiful pieces and calming colors to bring it to life.

Belfort Furniture has some beautiful furniture pieces that can help you bring the resort look to your home and help you make your home a relaxing oasis that you can't wait to spend time in each day. For a bedroom reminiscent of a seaside resort, this Seagrass bed from the American Journal collection by Kincaid is the perfect choice and on display at Belfort Furniture.

Or maybe your resort look comes from a beautiful traditional style Country Inn that you visit each summer.  Here is the Carriage House, King Broken Pediment Rice Bed by Kincaid Furniture.  This classic style bed is a poster bed that would bring a refined and romantic look to your bedroom.

.  This classic style bed is a poster bed that would bring a refined and romantic look to your bedroom.

For your living room, there are also endless options to bring in the resort look.  Here are few of our favorites that are on display at Belfort Furniture.  Come visit our showroom and see for yourself soon. Nothing says seaside resort more than this collection by Stanley Furniture.  The Coastal Living Resort Collection includes coffee tables, TV consoles and end tables that take you back to the beach.  They are designed with the look of weathered driftwood, so reminiscent of a seaside beach resort.

Or this Coventry Weathered Wall unit that brings a "beachy" feel to your living room.

Or the classic wicker look of this Long Cove Nick Sofa by Lexington Home Brands also on display in our showroom.

This Rowe Horizon three seat sofa in a light lime green reminded us of the color of sea glass and would look beautiful in a resort themed living room. However, if you would like a different color, this sofa comes in 500 different fabric choices!

Think about what the Resort look means to you. Is it a sparkling mountain brook or a beautiful ocean vista? Do you crave a trip to the Spa to relax? Choose one room to start and try and bring that place to life in your house with colors and furniture that brings you back to that happy place full of nature and relaxation. Find your niche and bring it into that room to create your own resort escape.

Belfort has so many different looks and a design team that can help put in all together.  We have custom bedding and our professional design team can make sure that your furniture, bedding and all of your accessories work together to bring you that relaxing beautiful room. Whatever the look, Belfort Furniture can help you.  Make your home into the resort oasis that you crave, we can help!

Here is a very inspiring video from Stanley Furniture, that shows off their beautiful Coastal Living Collection.  It inspired this blog post and we hope it inspires you to try the resort look in your home this summer.

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