Area Rugs 101, How to choose the best size for your room.

These are a few of the fine quality area rugs available at Belfort Furniture. We have a huge selection to choose from so make sure you visit our showroom soon. Area rugs can really change the look and design of your room. It is remarkable how different the same furniture can look with a new area rug underneath it. But most importantly, you need to make sure that you purchase the right size rug for your room. Have you ever been in someone’s house and something just doesn't look right? It may be that the area rug is not the right size for the room or it hasn't been placed properly. Here are some simple tips to follow that will make sure you choose the correct size rug for your room.

Like so many other design tasks, you really need to start with a plan. Measuring your room and furniture and mapping out placement for the rug and furniture pieces is a great place to start.

Do not go wall to wall with an area rug. When you are using an area rug, you are doing so to show some exposed floor. If you are going wall to wall then you might as well go with wall to wall carpet…not an area rug.

In a living room, you can go with two different sizes for an area rug. You can either have a rug that is large enough for all of your furniture to be placed on top of the rug or you can have a smaller size where the furniture surrounds the rug. If you put the furniture on the rug, make sure that there is a border around the furniture of about 12 inches. Here is a drawing from Nourison, one of our best rug manufacturers, that shows one layout of furniture that is put directly on the area rug.

If you decide to put the furniture on the periphery of the rug, you need to make sure that the rug is as long and wide as your furniture. You should also try and have 18 inches between the edge of the walls and the rug so you can show off the hard wood or tile floors underneath the rug. This picture, also from Nourison shows a living room with sofa on the edge of the rug.  The rug is the correct length and width for the furniture.

If you are putting an area rug in your dining room, make sure that there is room for the table and chairs to fit on the rug with ample space for chairs to be pulled out. This is important not only for a nice look to the room but also for safety. As guests get out of there chairs, you do not want the chair to be on an uneven surface. Also, look at the shape of your dining table and match the shape of your rug to the table. A rectangular rug with a rectangular table will give your room balance and symmetry. Here is an example of proper rug placement for your dining room. This Bristol Point Butterfly Leg Table and chairs with a beautiful area rug beneath shows a good example of the correct size and shape for an area rug in your dining room.

Or this picture from Surya that shows the best size area rug for this dining room. The perfect size area rug for this dining room space with such a beautiful pattern on the rug.

Maybe you do not have a large formal dining room? Here is a picture of a smaller room to show you the proper size rug for this type of space. As you can see this area rug really defines the room with it's color and design.

This picture comes to us courtesy of Nourison. Belfort Furniture is proud to provide beautiful Nourison and Surya rugs to our customers. These manufacturers give us the best quality rugs for our customers. We can help you find a gorgeous rug for your dining room or any room and have our professional design team  help you make sure it is the right style, shape and size.

In a bedroom, you want your area rug to extend beyond the bed about 18 inches on all sides. For a smaller children’s  or spare bedroom, the rug should extend 12 inches to give the correct feeling of balance. This Louis Philippe King platform bed from Belfort Signature is on display and available at Belfort Furniture. Notice how the area rug in this room surrounds the bed and gives space on all sides.

For a high traffic area, either leave it bare or cover the area completely. An area rug in this space can be dangerous and become a tripping hazard.  It may also just look out of place in a high traffic area of your home.

If your room is an irregular shape, consider going with a circular shaped area rug. The circular or oval rug can help define a conversation area and will leave the high traffic area rug free and safe.

A new area rug can really bring a room together or give it a whole new look. If you need some help with picking out an area rug for your house, we are here to help you. Belfort Furniture has the highest quality and the best selection with the added benefit of having team of professionals designers to answer any questions and help you put together a bedroom, living room, dining room or any room in your house.

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