Why A Console Is A Great Piece To Add Into Your Home

When furniture shopping for new accessories and accents, you may not have thought of all the ways you can use a console in your home! A console table brings style, storage and purpose into almost any room in your home. Consoles make for a perfect accent to add stylish accessories to. They can also work as storage for your living space essentials. At Belfort Furniture we have a variety of console styles to choose from making it easy to incorporate them into your home design. Let’s explore all of the ways you can incorporate a console into your home to create a stylish and purposeful space!


Your home entry way is your guests first impression. Your entry way is the visual introduction to your home. A console in your entry way is a stylish and inviting piece that can hold all of your favorite family pictures and accessories. You can also add flowers, vases and other accessories to your console to create a welcoming and stunning introduction into your home. Place a show-stopping piece of artwork or a mirror above your console for the perfect finishing touch!

Living Room

Place a Console or Sofa Table into your living room to give your space an unforgettable accessory. Just like your entry way, you can accessorize your living room console with stunning accents. This is the perfect place for gorgeous lamps, family pictures, magazines, flowers and more! You can accent your console table with all of your favorite accessories and essentials to turn your living room into a cohesive and inviting space.

Dining Room

Incorporate a Console or Sideboard into your dining room to instantly create a luxury dining experience for all of your family and guest.

Adding a stunning mirror above your console will bring an element of sophistication into your dining space. Don’t forget you have an awesome place to now store your favorite silverware and glassware. A console in your dining room brings the perfect touch of style while also making those large family dinners much easier to serve.


You can never go wrong with adding furniture you love into your bedroom. A console in your bedroom can be purposeful, functional and stylish. Use your bedroom console as a TV stand, jewelry stand, style accent and more. You can find a gorgeous console that matches your bedroom design and will bring a touch of style and purpose to where your sleep!

Inspired to add a console into your home design? Stop by Belfort Furniture and view our gorgeous selection of consoles. Our design and sales consultants can help you find the perfect accent to complete your home.

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