How to Use our Free Room Planner Tool to Design Your Room

Trying to fit furniture into a room the way you imagine it can seem like a frustrating process. Often, we measure a room and try to find furniture that will match what we envision, all while trying to make sure it fits into our living space. Belfort Furniture has a free tool that will allow you to create your own room plan to ensure you are purchasing the perfect furniture for your home!

The Belfort Furniture Room Planner acts as an online blueprint that allows you create the layout of your room through customizing dimensions, windows, doors and more. You can also drag and drop your favorite furniture pieces to create the perfect room design for your home. Transform your furniture shopping experience by using our free room planner. Share your room planner with friends or simply print your room plan and bring it into Belfort Furniture. Our experienced interior design and sales professionals would love to help you with creating your dream room in your home. You may feel a little intimidated by the thought of using the Room Planner to plan your living space. So, I used the room planner to design a room and show you how simple, easy and efficient the process is! Here are some simple steps for creating a room with the free room planner tool.

Belfort Room Planner

Create A List

You can start by choosing your selection of furniture and adding it to your list. You won’t be disappointed when you browse through our unmatched selection of furniture to create your room plan. Don’t worry if you can’t find furniture in the fabric and finish you prefer. Just bring your room plan into Belfort Furniture and our design and sales professionals can help you choose from our gorgeous fabric and finish selections for custom furniture.


Create Your Room Dimensions

The room planner tool can easily transform into the dimensions of a room in your home. Simply add in the width and length of the room you are planning. Click create room and the room planner tool will create an accurate blueprint of your room dimensions. You can also drag the corners of the room to create room dimensions and replicate the exact layout of your living space.


Add Windows and Doors

Add in any windows or doors that are in your room. This is a great way to create an exact blueprint of your room. By adding in windows and doors you can be sure that the furniture pieces you choose fit into your space in a functional manner. Select the icons option and then select “structural”. This will allow you to drag and drop structural items such as doors, windows and a fireplace into your room plan.


Arrange Your Furniture For The Perfect Room Design

Now, you can take the furniture from your list and begin placing your furniture into your room! You can now see how the furniture pieces you desire for your home can fit into your room layout without the hassle of guessing or physically moving your furniture around. You can also be sure that the furniture you desire for your home will fit before making a purchase. Use the room planner to plan how you want to arrange your furniture into your room design before it arrives to your home!


Belfort Design Services

Belfort Furniture’s design team is at your service and ready to help you create your dream home! Requesting a room plan with Belfort’s design team is an amazing process. By requesting a room plan, you will receive expert services and recommendations that will help you create your dream home room by room . Let our design team create a room plan that reflects your style, vision and budget!