Wool vs. Synthetic Rugs? The answer is Wool...and here's why...

When purchasing an area rug there are many things to consider, but most important are the construction of the rug and whether the rug is made from synthetic or wool fibers. By far, the best material for manufacturing rugs is wool.

Here are the top ten reasons to pick wool over synthetic fibers for your rugs:

1. Wool is a natural, renewable resource.

2. Wool is a non-allergenic fiber that produces low emissions and has air purifying properties.

3. Wool is cleanable and naturally soil resistant.

4. Wool fibers are resilient and durable.

5. Wool is naturally flame retardant.

6. Wool absorbs and retains color extremely well.

7. Wool is static resistant.

8. Wool is water and mildew resistant.

9. Wool is a great insulator for cold, heat or noise.

10. All things considered, a wool rug will last years longer than a synthetic fiber rug, making wool more cost effective in the long run.

We could continue on, but this list gives you the main reasons why wool is such a great choice for your area rug. Where do find quality wool rugs? Belfort Furniture has one of the area's finest rug selections featuring more than 1,000 rugs from quality manufacturers, like Surya and Nourison. Both these manufacturers are known for high quality, beautiful and durable products.

This intricately patterned Surya Rug would be perfect in a dining room or living room katy perry pokies.

The selection is endless. Here is a Modern Classics Surya rug in a gorgeous black and white floral pattern, perfect for a modern black and white room.

From black and white, to beautiful mustard yellow tones, the color selections are amazing! Here is another beautiful choice that would work in so many rooms in your home. This golden patterned area rug from the Surya modern classics collection.

Or this Universal Surya rug with so many colors in a beautiful pattern. This rug would work in a living room, bedroom or even an office or den.

This Surya Rug is a stunning addition to your living room with such a pretty pink floral pattern.

Here is a video on the making of wool rugs courtesy of Surya.com.  This is an outstanding video and shows just how much goes into creating a rug that will beautify your home for years to come.

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