Top 10 Tips for Accessorizing your Home

There are many steps towards decorating and designing your dream home.  Once you've completed your furniture selection it's time to choose accessories.  This often fun task can turn wrong quickly if you tend to like too many things.  Luckily, we've compiled a list of the top ten tips for accessorizing your home.  Keep these handy while browsing Belfort Furniture's showrooms filled with accessories ready to take home with you today and try to stick to these simple tips to create beautiful rooms.

1. Limit your color scheme to 2-3 colors

Too many colors creates a chaotic look.  By choosing 2-3 main colors for accents and accessories throughout your room, your eye will be pulled through the cohesive space.

The Ellington Bedroom by Vaughan Bassett features burnt orange, burgundy and green as the main hues throughout the room's accessories

2. Include metallic texture

To bring some visual interest to the room a metallic sheen captures your eye and creates some easy focal points.  Choose just a few metallic accents for a balanced look.

The Brentwood Sectional by Rowe features a chrome garden stool as an end table, a gold mirror, and a gold bowl accent for the perfect touches of metallic

3. Multiples make an impact

Line 'em up!  When you find something you love, don't be afraid to run with it.  Creating a grouping of similar items creates a main focal point for your room and can also help institute theme or color.

Multiple butterfly prints with simple color variations make an impact on this wall, allowing your eye to balance between the Chelsea Sofa by Craftmaster and the accessories

4. Stick with a theme

Not every room needs a theme but this is an easy way to accessorize!  Pick one theme and gather accessories that speak to it.  This can easily help to create visual interest in an otherwise mundane room.

The Huntington Collection by Bernhardt captures an equestrian theme and re-imagines the traditional with a country aesthetic

5. Add something fresh – or fake it!

Bring some life into your room with a plant or flowers. Whether you're great with mother nature or you're a terrible parent to your plants, there are options for you.  Accent manufacturers have come a long way and now faux florals are often hard to distinguish from the real thing.

The Bentley Sectional by BModern has a fresh perspective with a fresh green tree and small green planter on the ottoman

6. Utilize trays to group accessories

Trays, trays, and more trays!  We're seeing trays everywhere in interior design and throughout the trend magazines and blogs.  Not only is the tray itself an awesome accessory, but now there's a gorgeous way to coordinate and anchor a grouping of accessories.  Try utilizing trays for a variety of accessory types or for a grouping of similar items - like candle pillars!

A tray placed on this cocktail ottoman by Huntington House helps wrangle a variety of accessories into a nice composition

7. Play with contrast

It's all about color and when you add some contrasting hues you immediately create interest, depth, and personality to your room.  Whether you stick with black and white or play with some bolds, your room immediately livens up with contrasting colors.

The Arrondissement China Cabinet by Stanley highlights bold blue and green tableware housed inside the glass against the deep charcoal hue

8. Vary texture to create interest

Neutral rooms are all the rage lately, but even we admit they can sometimes be a little boring.  If you're shy about color or you're going for an all over neutral room, the key to a great look is texture!  Choose accessories in the palette of your liking with a variety of textures and you'll create a focal point that's subtle yet impactful.

The Coventry Collection by Riverside lends itself to accessories of neutral hues but varying the texture of the accessories keeps a visual focus.

9. Hang art or mirrors above a console table

Accessorizing a console table can be a challenge in and of itself - but the key is...don't neglect the wall!  Hang some wall art or a wall mirror about 8 to 12" above the surface of the console.  Make sure some of your accessories atop the console overlap with the hanging wall decor.  This look combined with accessories of varying heights helps to anchor your console.

This Thom Filicia Eagle Console by Vanguard Furniture features a variety of accessories, varying in height, anchored by a circular wall mirror.

10. Vary size and shape for visual interest

Keep it simple...but not too simple!  If your accessories are similar color, be sure to vary size and shape.  Especially when it comes to accessorizing bookcases and hutches, it's important to include a variety that's balanced but not necessarily symmetrical so that your eye moves around the beautiful design.

 Lexington's Twilight Bay console and hutch is filled with accessories in a variety of shapes and sizes, coordinated by a consistent palette of neutral hues

Still feeling overwhelmed with the thought of selecting accessories?  Allow us to help!  Belfort Furniture's design team is ready and eager to help you with furniture selection, paint color choices, and accessorizing your home to create the look you've always wanted or something fresh you'll love for years.  Make a design appointment today to get started!