Thom Filicia's Tips for Inspired Decorating.

You're invited! Thom Filicia is coming to Belfort Furniture on March 31st at 11:30am for “A Conversation on Design." Thom will speak at 11:30am and then there will be time to ask questions, mingle and enjoy light refreshments. Not only does Thom Filicia have a unique flair for interior design but he has the ability to offer advice that gives novice decorators the confidence to decorate their homes with style. Here are some of  Thom's top 10 tips for success.

1. Lay out a plan. Every successful room starts with a successful floor plan. Furniture that’s arranged effectively can maximize square footage, downplay architectural drawbacks, and easily accommodate a variety of activities.

2. Light up your life. Lighting is an afterthought in a lot of rooms. You need to think about lighting at the same time you’re doing your furniture plan and palette.

3. Color Your World (sort of). Deciding on a room’s color scheme is intimidating to most people. Taking color cues from your wardrobe and favorite objects is a great first step in discovering colors that you gravitate toward and have a connection with.

4. There’s truth in the texture. Rooms need an abundance of textures. To achieve the best balance of textures in a room, always remember that opposites attack—which is exactly what you want. Textures that fight one another produce visual tension, and that combativeness makes a room more interesting.

Here is a room scene from Thom's collection. You will notice the abundant textures in the wall unit, area rug and ferns and the interesting, eye-catching aviator sketch that brings a personal touch to the room. This furniture collection is available for purchase at Belfort Furniture.

5. Lose the matchy-matchiness. Pulling together a room’s décor is a lot like getting dressed. When you put on your clothes every day, you don’t wear a single brand from head to toe (or at least, I hope you don’t). Instead you mix it up. Each piece you select should have character, be eye-catching, and tell your story.

These excerpts from Thom’s Tips are just the start of what he has to offer. His designs are simple but beautiful and very personal in their style. Don’t miss Thom Filicia, sign up today to meet him, and listen to his talk “A Conversation on Design”. You won’t be disappointed. Click here to sign up.

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