The Elite Eight of Recliners - What to Consider when Shopping for a Recliner


It's that time of year where competition is fierce in the sports world so we've pulled together a competition between some of our top recliners. Welcome to the Elite Eight of Recliners from Belfort Furniture. Just like there are strengths and weaknesses of every sports team, each recliner has its pros and cons. Decide what's most important for you during your decision process and narrow down your top contenders that way!

From top to bottom on the left: Preston Collection Recliner, Trax Collection Recliner, Hooker Furniture Recliner, Chippendale Recliner

From top to bottom on the right: Bourbon St. Recliner, Traditional Bradington Young Recliner, Belfort Signature Motion Recliner, Dominique Recliner

What to consider when shopping for recliners:


Determine if there is a special function that is important to you. Do you prefer a power recliner over a manual or push-back recliner? Would you enjoy a recliner that is also a glider for extra comfort and movement? Some recliners even feature built in USB ports to keep your charging electronics close!


Think about the space in your home where your recliner will live. Is the space large, small, or versatile? Do you have any restrictions? You'll want to ensure there is enough space around the recliner for it to fully recline without hitting a nearby piece of furniture or structural piece of your home.


Is there a specific look or style you prefer? Each brand varies, but some offer options for leather or fabric choice, finishes choices, and even nailhead trim options. From casual, to contemporary, to traditional, we have a little bit of everything, so you're sure to find a recliner to matches your style.

Shop a large selection of recliners and all available options at Belfort Furniture! Start in building #4 for our main selection of recliners and visit building #3 for some additional styles, too. Our experience design staff can help you select the best recliner for your needs and style. Conveniently located in Dulles, Virginia, Belfort Furniture is the place to create beautiful rooms for your home.