Straight from the Jungle to Your Living Room?

Animal prints make a bold statement and can bring a very modern look to a room. They are important part of the interior design scene this year. Here are some tips to follow if you interested in bringing this classic turned modern look into your home. 1. Stick to one animal print per room…some would say per home.

Unless you are trying to create a jungle theme for your room or house, try to stick to one animal print (even Thom Filicia suggests this). Using animal prints makes a bold statement, using more than one or using too much of the same one can spell disaster. There are many prints to choose from, Leopard, Zebra, or Cheetah to name a few, but choose one and stick with it.

This room makes a bold statement by adding a zebra-striped area rug, but notice there is only one animal print used. This collection and Stillwater leather sofa is available at Belfort and comes to us from Bradington Young Furniture.

2. Don’t forget texture.

Animal prints bring color and pattern to a space. They look great when paired with other pieces that have texture and movement to them or if the animal print fabric itself has an interesting texture.

Notice the different textures in the leopard fabric of the chairs and and the interesting legs of the table and chairs to mimic the paws of a cat. The leopard print is also paired with a beautiful pop of bright red in the draperies for a rich and luxurious look for a dining room. This animal print furniture is available at Belfort Furniture. It is part of the Regents Row Collection by Lexington Home Brands.

3. Pair animal prints with bright colors.

We can show you plenty of examples. Bold animal prints look great with bold solid colors. When you bring in a Zebra striped area rug think about adding a bright solid upholstered chair for a pop of color and contrast, think Lime Green or Bright Red, or even Tangerine Tango. Here is an example of a beautiful zebra striped rug paired with beautiful custom-made turquoise ostrich leather upholstered chairs from Coach. This picture is taken from the Hamptons breakfast room of Coach executive Reed Krakoff and his decorator wife Delphine. We can help bring a similar look to your home. Contact us today for an appointment with our design team experts.

Photo courtesy of

 4. Don’t use too much of a good thing.

An area rug or an animal print chair can make an impact in a room, but don’t try to bring too many items into the same room. A spot of animal print can make for a stunning room, too much will make a room look tacky.

An example of too much animal magnetism is this room below…sorry none of this is available at Belfort Furniture.

Adding a chair like this can make a statement without going too far… This upholstered club chair by Craftmaster is a great way to add a fun animal print to your existing decor without going too far. It is available at Belfort Furniture.

Or maybe you prefer to add an accent chair with brown tones, here is another accent chair in a Cheetah print available at Belfort Furnture. This Trilogy upholstered chair is from Hooker Furniture.

Animal prints can add a fun new look to your living room or an element of luxury to your dining room. Have fun with this trend but remember moderation is the key to success.

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