Read about the latest trends and tips from our decorating seminar with Denise Alala of Drexel Heritage

Last weekend we enjoyed a free decorating class and home décor trends seminar from designer Denise Alala from Drexel Heritage at Belfort Furniture.  Denise, the Vice President of Upholstery Design at Drexel Heritage, shared with us a collection of fabrics just introduced into the line, along with some trends she’s seeing now, what she’s predicting for future lines and where she gets her inspiration from. Joining her for the presentation was Carl Bundy, Sr. Vice President, Product Development.

Drexel Heritage's design team, Denise Alala and Carl Bundy, with Belfort Furniture's Merchandising Team

The down-to-earth mother of two knows that each family and each person is unique when it comes to personality and interior décor preferences.  Her advice, “Don’t be afraid!”  Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t be afraid to stick to what you love.  Traveling the world for inspiration, Denise visits multiple mills sourcing fabrics.  Her workroom at Drexel Heritage’s headquarters houses more than 10,000 fabrics from which she chooses and edits out until she has a collection of 300 perfect for the Drexel Heritage client.

Drexel Heritage is known for customization of their product.  Of course, their amazing selection of fabrics allows you to completely customize your living room upholstery…but it doesn’t end there!  Drexel Heritage has a wide range of paint colors and finishes, 53 to be exact, available to choose from for every piece in their line. Something a bit unique but always beautiful, Drexel Heritage offers bedroom, dining room, occasional and more in paint finishes from blue to green to white and beyond.

Textures in solid body cloth fabrics – Solids aren’t plain…now they have texture!  Texture adds the subtle interest necessary without overwhelming a piece in multiple colors or prints.

This bodycloth fabric is a solid hue featuring luxurious texture

Watercolor marbleized fabrics – This emerging trend is a unique print that's available in a variety of colors - something new! Use this fabric on an accent pillow or an ottoman to bring color to a room.

Belfort’s upholstery buyer, Alician, found a marbleized fabric she loves – in fact, she’s adding it to her new home already with some fun pillows!

Geometric prints – Large and small, geometric prints are trending more than ever now.  A great way to add some depth and fun into your room.

Large scale prints – Perfect for accent pillows, large scale prints can create a great focal point in your room without being distracting. Every decorator knows, a geometric print should be included in a room palette.

Here a large scale leaf and large scale geometric pattern complement each other

Coral - We're already seeing this color become popular throughout women's fashion and home interiors but this trend will only continue uphill.

Indigo Blue - This color will quickly become the 'new black'.

Yellow - This fun pop of color can easily coordinate with your decor through accessories, pillows, and prints.

Animal prints – Although the colors utilized for these prints and textured fabric may change, the underlying theme withstands the changes from season to season.

Try adding a hint of animal print to your room in a fun new hue

When incorporating color into your décor keep a common thread throughout your home.  Choose your color and keep it strong in one room while bringing hints of it into other rooms.  You don’t want each room to scream a different color, it won’t look cohesive.

Drexel Heritage is well known for their classic elements shown in and updated manner

Invest is classic pieces of furniture.  Classic is timeless and never goes out of style.  Purchase fashionable and trendy accessories and pillows that are easily interchangeable when the trend is over or you’re ready for something new.

For more style and design advice browse our Associate Designers' Portfolio and contact a designer today.  Trained in the latest trends and interior design skills Belfort Furniture is here to have fun creating beautiful rooms.  Now through August 21st take advantage of special savings from Drexel Heritage - save $50 on every $500 you spend on Drexel Heritage furniture, including case goods and upholstery!

Read the latest Client Testimonial about Belfort Furniture and our interior Design Services:

Five Star Google Review

"I used the design services offered at Belfort and was paired with Stefani Arnold.  I don't know where to begin but if I had to use one word to describe her talent/skill, or experience it'd be AMAZING! She didn't just do a good job, she did an unbelievable job to my family room! It looks like it could be in a magazine (that's not just a quote from me, but from the guests that come to my home).  I absolutely LOVE what she did and I can't stop telling my husband how pretty it is!

The overall look and the quality of the furniture she selected was far better than I imagined.  Stefani is very easy to work with and obviously experienced.  She nailed my style the first time, stayed within budget, and if there was something I wasn't crazy about (like fabric) she guided and helped me painlessly and quickly, to find something that'd work.  (If you know anything about choosing paint - picking fabric is the same, this task is daunting and miserable.)  I cannot wait to have her do another room in my house! She will be the only one I call.  Thanks, Stefani!!!" -Pamela B. from Chantilly, Virginia