Patterns and Solids, 101

Here are some excellent tips that will help you use solids and patterns in your home décor like a pro! How do you mix patterns and solids and make them look like a designer put them together? Follow our tips and you will be mixing solids and patterns like an expert in no time. 1. Stick to the same color and mix the patterns. Especially if you are experimenting for the first time with mixing patterns, keeping the same color and using white can help simplify the process and make it much less intimidating.

This key lime green bedroom sticks with the same color and mixes the patterns. The patterns bring an up-to-date look to the room and breaks up the bright color. The use of white also works to break up the patterns throughout the bedroom. This collection from Belfort comes from Legacy Classic Furniture and is called Evolution. (And, you want to remember to complete your bedroom with a comfy mattress set. We carry King and Queen Mattresses from Sealy, Stearns and Foster and Tempur-pedic.)

2. Use different sizes of the same pattern. If you want to stick with the same geometric pattern, try using different sizes, maybe a large stripe or diamond pattern on your draperies and then use a the same pattern in a smaller size on your bedding and a very small print in the pattern on your area rug. You can mix the sizes but keep the same pattern. This works well to unite the room.

This bedroom shows a geometric blue pattern that continues throughout the room. The pattern can be seen in the bedding, accent pillows and the carpet. The pattern is the same but is shown in multiple sizes. This British Heritage collection by A.R.T. Furniture, Inc. is available at Belfort Furniture.

3. Use shades of the same color and mix the patterns. Maybe you are using different shades of brown for your living room. Try using dark brown in your draperies and a lighter shade for your upholstered love seat, maybe bring in a pattern to your couches and a touch of brown leather with a comfortable recliner or recliner set.

Here is an example of a living room that uses different shades of same neutral colors while adding patterns and texture to the accent pillows, area rugs and chairs for a very put-together look. Our design team can help you make the right choices to get this finished look.

4. Stick to Complementary Colors and mix patterns within those shades.

If you are ready for a challenge and want more colors, make sure you use complementary colors together and then mix  your patterns. Greens and Pinks work nicely for a bedroom and you can use complementary greens, blues and for a pop of color some Tangerine accents. The colors complement each other and bring a lively look to a living room. This collection highlights our Duncan Sofa from Rowe Furniture.

5. Adding some white breaks up the patterns and shows separation.

Adding white to any play on patterns helps to break up your look and give eyes a chance to relax from the business of the patterns. Using white in your draperies or as a backdrop for a pattern can help relax your look and bring your room together.

Here is a another modern living room furniture look from Belfort Furniture. Notice how well the white Broyhill Alexandria sofa and white painted trim on the windows cleanly separate the bold area rug and accent pillows and brighten the wall color.

Don’t be afraid of patterns…they can really make a statement and beautify your home. Experiment with  patterns and bring a rich and defined look to your décor.

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