Ottomans, 101

(photo courtesy of incredible things)On a warm summer day, nothing is quite as satisfying as an ice cream sandwich, but an ice cream ottoman? We're not sure if this belongs in your living room, but we thought this was a perfect way to start a summer blog on ottomans.

Ottomans are not just for putting your feet up these days. They don't always match an adjoining chair and they are not always made of leather. Ottomans are storage units, cocktail tables, coffee and tea stations, homework desks and more. How do you use your ottoman? Here are a few of our favorite ottomans on display and available at Belfort Furniture that you can feel free to use as you like.

The Colston square leather ottoman from Bernhardt, on display and available at Belfort Furniture is oversized and ready for entertaining. It is the perfect ottoman to use as a place for a cocktail and snack tray, extra seating or as a  homework station for the kids.

Here is another one of our favorites. This round storage ottoman comes from the Eero Collection by Rowe. This ottoman, on display at Belfort Furniture, can be upholstered in more than 500 fabric choices and the tapered wooden legs come in 6 different finishes for a very custom look. The contemporary styling and customizable features make this a perfect choice for any home.

Another large storage ottoman with a classic look is the large cocktail storage ottoman by Riverside Furniture. The classic styling would enhance any room and its large size is great for storage and it can be used as a cocktail table or extra seating.

A beautiful over-sized Ocean Club Ma-Holla Rattan top cocktail ottoman by Tommy Bahama Home would be perfect for a party. The center of the ottoman is a beautiful wooden table and the size gives you extra seating for more than one guest.

And then, there is the Juniper cocktail table with 4 ottomans. These ottomans tuck neatly under the cocktail table until needed for extra seating.

As you can see ottomans come in all shapes and sizes and have as many uses as you can imagine.

We couldn't resist showing you a few more interesting ottomans not yet available at Belfort Furniture, but fun photos none the less.

Here is a hat box ottoman courtesy of "", that gives you a unique look as well as a storage space.

Or this one made of grass from inhabitate? Mowing and watering the lawn is one needs to worry about trimming, watering and making sure their ottoman gets enough sun.

But this one from the "yourdecoratinghotline" website, takes the cake. Last but not least is this ottoman that doubles as a fireplace.  Looks a bit dangerous but it certainly would attract some attention. Just make sure you invite a fireman to the party.

As you can see, these are not your grandmother's ottomans and although we put in some pictures that were "just for fun", ottomans have come a long way and they are a beautiful addition to your furniture collection. They are great multi-taskers and can really bring function and beauty to your home.

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