Organized kids? Yes it is possible...and here's how to make it happen!

The holiday season is here! Now is a great time to think about organizing your kid’s rooms before gift giving brings an influx of new stuff to clutter their spaces. Your house will be open to family and friends and your kid’s rooms can sometimes be the biggest challenges to keep neat and organized. Here are our top 5 tips on organizing your kid’s rooms as the holiday season kicks into gear. 1. Look at organizing the room from a child’s perspective and make them part of the process. Work as their “organizing consultant” and help them decide how to keep their room together. You also need to look at the space through their eyes. Can they reach to hang clothes in their closets? Can they open the drawers without pinching their fingers? What about storage containers? Are they easy for them to access? Making kids' part of the organizing, and also making sure they can actually clean up the mess themselves, is paramount to your success.

2. Sort, Store and Discard. Often times a child’s room becomes storage for more than just their things. Maybe you have extra bedding, bins, and clothes that are stored in their closets. Try and store these items somewhere else. If you are trying to get your child to clean up and they are crowded in their space, it becomes more difficult to accomplish. You must also make sure that you are sorting through their things on a regular basis. Do they have clothes that are the wrong season or have gotten too small for them? If so, sort through them and give them away, discard these extra items or store them for the proper season. The same goes for toys. If they have outgrown them, be sure to donate, toss them or store them for a sibling.

3. Make sure you are using the right type of storage items for what is needed. Some storage bins are just not right for the job. Not all boxes, bins and totes work for all things. Do your homework and find the right storage options for toys, books, and clothes. If you want your kids to put things away on their own, make sure it is simple for them to do. Organize from the bottom up. Things that get the most use should be the most accessible. Things that you only take out occasionally can take a place higher on a shelf than things your kids will need or want every day.

4. Label. We have so many ways to create labels. Computer labels or label makers work fine for this. Labels are great reminders for kids who may not remember where everything goes. You are much more likely to get things back in their proper places if you label those spots. And for kids who are not quite reading yet…you can use pictures. Storage spaces for socks, shirts, pants, and toys can all be labeled with pictures as well as words.

5. Devise a schedule for cleaning up the room. So many times kids will start with a clean room and then become overwhelmed as it quickly becomes a terrible mess. If you have a morning and evening routine, you can get the room picked up before it becomes too much to handle. Just like getting homework done before going out to play, a quick “tidy your room” routine before play should also be maintained.

Follow these tips and you will be ready for that influx of visitors and presents, large and small. If you are ready to redesign your kid's rooms, Belfort Furniture has stylish furniture that your kids will love as well as the storage features they need. When updating your kid’s rooms, invest in some fun quality pieces that will stand the test of time and help you to keep your kid’s organized. Children like routine and will feel pride in keeping their rooms looking great. Here are a few options that Belfort offers to help with your efforts. This furniture is constructed with kids in mind. It is strong, durable and stylish and has many storage options to help with your organizing efforts.

The Legacy Classic Olivia Bedroom highlights an Olivia Twin Bookcase Day Bed with reversible cork panels. This daybed has plenty of room for storage, with a bookcase and drawers underneath the bed or an extra trundle bed that can be perfect for sleepovers or traveling cousins during the holidays. Add a matching desk and chair and you have the perfect room for your daughter to love.

Or for a more masculine look, here is the Lea Industries Elite Expressions Full Platform Storage Bed with Bookcase Backboard. This is a beautiful classic look with plenty of storage possibilities.

For a younger child, how about this NE Kids School House Junior Loft Bed with chest and shelves. There is no lack of storage here and your room is open for additional pieces with even more places to store toys, clothes and more.

We also love this Gabriella Mirrored Dresser by Universal Furniture's Smartstuff Line. Plenty of storage and even some hidden drawers and the all important charging station for your daughter's iPod or cell phone.

Tween and teenage boys and girls will fall in love with this Freestyle Desk with Hutch, also from Universal's Smartstuff Line. It has plenty of storage and is constructed with durability in mind.

Another great teen look is this All Seasons Bedroom by Young America. The wall unit desk provides lots of storage and is a great place for getting all that homework done.

Or if your kids share a room, here are some bunk bed rooms that we also love. The Cottage Bedroom by Vaughan Bassett  is perfect for girls.

Or for boys, Vaughan Bassett has the more masculine, Hamilton/Franklin Bedroom Set.

As you can see the possibilities are endless! Belfort Furniture has a great selection of kid's furniture and can help put together a bedroom that is beautiful, functional and easy to maintain. If you need help selecting the perfect furniture for your kid's bedrooms, our professional design consultants are here to help. We can help you get your kids organized and help them stay that way.

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