How To Find Your Design Style With One Simple Quiz

How to Find Your Design Style With One Simple Quiz

Have you ever wondered what your own personal design style is? How we decorate our home should reflect the things we love and the things that make us happy. Each design style has its own unique characteristics that can transform how we view a room. There are multiple different design styles that can accommodate each room in your home. However, you may have found yourself spending hours on Pinterest, watching HGTV and browsing interior design blogs to find some sort of inspiration for decorating your home. Who knew you could find the inspiration for your homes design based on all the things you like and love. Belfort Furniture has one simple quiz that can help you find your personal design style! With quick and easy steps, you can have access to all of our stunning furniture that fits a design style you love. So how could this simple quiz possibly work? I took the design quiz myself to show you how simple and easy it is to find your personal style!

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Whats Your Favorite Weekend Activity?

Choose your favorite weekend activity! For my quiz I chose staying in. There is nothing I enjoy more than lighting the fire place and watching movies with my family. I like to spend my weekends in a cozy space surrounded by friends and family.

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What Material Style Do You Like Most?

Distressed & Reclaimed, Airy & Natural, Simple & Warm, Clean & Sophisticated, Sleek & Polished, Worn & Refined?

From six choices of gorgeous material styles, you can choose which one you like best to fit your personal design style. I chose “Simple & Warm”. I enjoy warm color tones that are solid and simple. I love the idea of walking into any room feeling warm and cozy. A simple, clean and inviting look is my style. But what will the quiz say?

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What Is Your Favorite Style Home

Historical Victorian, Relaxed Craftsman, Sleek Apartment, Charming Cottage, Rustic Cabin, New Build?

Which style home fits your dream home? I chose the relaxed craftsman home. I enjoy this style home because it creates the perfect space for comfort and family. It has a unique exterior with enough space to create inviting, gorgeous and comfortable rooms.

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Which Color Palette Resonates With You Most

You can choose from a stunning selection of color pallets that just about anyone would love. I chose light, earthy and blue tones. These colors remind me of a cozy coastal home on a lake. This color palette can take a room and make it warm and inviting with its soft earthy tones. What could this color palette choice say about my personal design style?

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What’s Your Ideal Dinner Party?

Formal Plated Dinner, Pizza Party, Cocktail Hour, Sushi, Backyard BBQ, Sunday Brunch?

Who knew choosing your design style could remind you of your favorite memories? I chose Sunday brunch. This is one of my favorite parts of the week. Having an awesome meal on Sunday with friends and family.

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Which Pattern Style Do You Like Best

Multi-Tone Solid, True-Solid, Straight Lines, Classic Pattern, Rounded Lines, Over-Dyed Persian?

All classic and gorgeous pattern styles, it may be a little harder to make this choice. I chose “Multi-Tone Solids”. I love the simple and clean look of a solid pattern with multiple tones to add dimension and character.


Craftmaster F9 Design Options Living Room Group

Relaxed Casual

The design quiz concluded that my design style was relaxed casual and I couldn’t agree more! Everything about this style is exactly what I love in furniture, accessories and style.

Relaxed Casual Style Tip: Achieving this look is more about your personal comfort than specific style guidelines. Focus on simple shapes with clean lines that aren’t severe. Plush cushions, soft rugs and fabrics, and warm wood finishes will make your home look cozy and inviting. No color is out of bounds, so find some hues that make you happy and use them for wall paint, fabric choices, pillows, or rugs.

Signature Details: Block feet, simple lines, minimal embellishments, plush cushions, inviting colors.