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Welcome to the Belfort Furniture Buzz! We hope that you will find these musings informative, fun and just plain worth the read. We plan to bring you tips from our design team, including unique and interesting design ideas and a look at the newest trends for furnishing your home. Now let’s take a tour around our blog so you’ll know what to expect with each new entry. As you can see, we have social sharing icons at the top of the right sidebar. The Belfort Furniture Buzz can easily be shared with friends, and we’d love for you to do so! You can sign up to receive an email whenever we post something new, “like” the blog to your Facebook profile, follow us on Twitter or follow the blog through your RSS newsfeed reader. In the same sidebar, you will also see a section we call “Things we like”. Things we like are exactly that - new furniture pieces selling at Belfort that we really like, and are  pieces that work well with many types of décor! At the top of our blog, the navigation is clear and easy to follow. It takes you directly to our website where you can find the exact piece of furniture or design help you need.

We hope you enjoy reading the Belfort Furniture Buzz. We are excited to bring you useful information regarding interior design in a smart, practical and informative way to help you beautify and bring style to your home or office location.

Belfort Furniture is conveniently located in the Dulles area of eastern Loudoun County, Virginia, easily accessible from Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Whether you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, or Washington DC, we have the selection, styles and prices that make Belfort Furniture worth the trip! Belfort Furniture was voted "Retailer of the Year, 2012", by the National Home Furnishing Association and has been voted "Best Furniture Store" in Loudoun County for 17 years in a row.