From Fabrics to Finishes – the HGTV™ HOME Collection has just what your home needs

With stylish home furnishings, the HGTV™ HOME Collection provides excellent texture, color, shape and form for your space.  At Belfort Furniture, we’re all about creating beautiful rooms in your home and we love the options for every room from HGTV™ HOME Collection. The upholstery collection provides many customizable options so you can be your own designer, or browse the fabulous pre-designed combinations.

Park Avenue at Belfort Furniture

Accenting your home is suddenly simple with the trending pieces in this designer accents collection.  Choose a table, cabinet, chest or trunk to complete the look of your personalized space.

Accents by HGTV HOME_6B00-H526-b0
Accents by HGTV HOME_6F86-H620-b0

Whether you’re using color on the walls or in your furniture with fabrics and finishes, you’ll be able to make an impact and portray your personality with your color choices.  Choosing neutral tones throughout your space can be pumped up with a bright wall color as shown below with the Caravan Contemporary Round Kitchen Table Set.

Caravan by HGTV HOME_4486-6060+TB60+2x4786-2452+2x2453-b2

Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create your own personal style.  With fabulous finish options from the Caravan collection including Dusk, Dawn, Midnight and a two toned Dusk and Dawn combination, you can create an eclectic room with bold fabrics, pops of color and an inspired, personal touch.

Mix and Match at Belfort Furniture

Stylish designs and creative choices are available from the designers behind the HGTV™ HOME Collection.  Visit our showrooms to view the HGTV™ HOME Collection in person and work towards creating your next beautiful room.  Belfort Furniture is conveniently located in Dulles, Virginia and is proud to welcome Genevieve Gorder this weekend, November 9th at 11AM.