Design Tips from the Huntington House Fabric Seminar

Belfort Furniture was proud to offer a Design and Fabric Seminar hosted by two representatives from Huntington House on February 16th.  Whether you were able to attend or were bummed to have missed it, we have a complete list of tips and advice we learned from our wonderful guests. Overall, we are seeing happier fabrics and brighter colors.  Huntington House strives to provide a fabric assortment that includes as many domestically sourced fabrics as possible – but when they do obtain fabrics elsewhere they pull from the best regions of the world – India, Brussels, and Thailand, just to name a few!  Huntington House packages combine fabrics from different mills and regions while lower priced upholstery collections provide packages sourced from a single mill.  Huntington House is proud to make all of their upholstery products in America, hand crafted and featuring luxury detailing like 360 degree tailoring.

Don’t feel restricted by your environment

Does your kitchen countertop feature a hue that just isn’t your favorite?  Not to fret – be sure to downplay this hue by accentuating others that may be more to your liking.  By accentuating the colors you do like throughout your home, you’ll create a room that you’ll love to come home to everyday.

Huntington House Room Scene A
Huntington House Room Scene B

Start with something you love and build from there

When it comes to choosing fabrics start with something you love!  Browse through the endless options and find what speaks to you.  Build your room from there by adding complementing fabrics.  Remember, fabrics can be incorporated throughout your room…not just on furniture – don’t forget about curtains and other window treatments!

30772-21 Huntington House Fabric

Go bold or soften it down to be safe

Once you’ve chosen a favorite fabric, build with colors that complement.  If your beginning fabric features purple, pick some accent fabrics with yellows and greens to go bold or fabrics with greys to be safe.  Even if you’re wary of being ‘adventurous’ when it comes to your fabric choices don’t be afraid to use that purple print you love…just add softer neutral prints to create an overall calm tone.

Bold Huntington House Fabric Combination
Softer Huntington House Fabric Combination

Mix together different types of prints

Don’t be fearful!  Mixing together different prints isn’t something to stray away from.  As long as your prints complement and don’t clash, your room will come together perfectly.  Pair geometric prints with plaids – pair geometric prints with florals – pair florals with stripes – and pair them all together!

Mixing Prints with Huntington House Fabric

Combine variations of fabric textures

It’s important to create an interest with more than just prints, patterns, and colors.  Combine variations of textures with your choice of fabrics to create a luxury feel.

Huntington House Fabric Textures

Vary different scales of fabric patterns

If you’re starting with a large print or a small pattern don’t feel restricted to this scale when it comes to pattern for the entire room.  Combining a large jacquard print, a medium geometric pattern, and a smaller paisley can create another visual interest in a room based on scale alone.

Huntington House Room Shot

Use bold prints on accent chairs

With custom upholstery, the options truly are endless.  If you’ve fallen in love with a fabric that’s bold or busy, it’s perfect for an accent chair.  Accent chairs are where you get to have a little fun in your room - that’s a little more fun than just pillows.

7384-50 Huntington House Accent Chair
7406-50 Huntington House Accent Chair

Now trending: Micro-patterns!

Okay, we admit this may not be an industry standard term but we love it!  Micro-patterns are appearing everywhere and they are a great option to add interest to your room without overwhelming pattern.  Micro-patterns are exactly that, micro!  Featuring smaller patterns that provide visual interest as you get closer and disappear as you move away, micro-patterns from far away almost appear to be a solid color – creating an interest all over instead.

Huntington House Micro-pattern Close
Huntington House Micro-Pattern Far Away

Working on one living room or a whole home can be overwhelming but it can also be fun.  Follow these simple steps to creating something that is interior design magazine worthy and true to your style.  Work with Belfort Furniture's luxury upholstery manufacturers like Huntington House and Drexel Heritage to create a designer look in your home today.