Belfort Furniture Designer - Top 5 reasons to hire one

Belfort Furniture is much more than just a furniture store; we are a design and furniture resource that can help you beautify your entire home. Belfort Furniture designers know how to make your home functional, comfortable and stylish. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think you should make an design appointment with one of our designers today. 1. Choosing the right pieces for your space.

This beautiful bedroom is from the Classic Portfolio - Transitional by Stanley Furniture.

Let’s face it, we have all been furniture shopping and it's a bit overwhelming to go into a store and see hundreds of beds, sofas, accent tables. You just don’t know what to choose, or how to choose it. What will stand the test of time? What will look best in your home? We have all spent time trying to figure this out and we’ve made mistakes. One way to stop wasting money on the wrong furniture is to meet with a Belfort Furniture designer. They will visit your home and personally help you pick the right pieces for your budget and your space.

2. Selecting Colors and Patterns that work well together.

This stunning collection includes the Oasis Sectional Sofa from Huntington House.

Are your walls white? Is your furniture beige? Are you stuck with neutral colors because you are afraid to branch out into brighter shades and patterns? A Belfort Furniture designer can help you decide what colors appeal to you and help you develop a pallet of colors and patterns that complement each other. Our designers can take your dull and boring room and make it look designed and polished.

3. Configuring your furniture to fit your room.

Every room should start with a well thought-out plan. We have an online room planner that is a great place to start. You can use one of our planned out rooms or set up your own, rearrange your furniture and send it to your Belfort Designer for advice. A Belfort designer can help you make sure that your layout is functional and your furniture fits the space properly. Our designers take the time to accurately measure your space and discern the correct size furniture pieces for each room. This is not always an easy process but our designers have the experience to make it look easy.

4. Selecting the best accessories.

This collection includes some gorgeous accessories that complete the look.  The sofa and chairs are part of the Nantucket Collection by Rowe.

Do you want accessories that don’t break the bank but add that personal touch to your décor? Our designers spend the time to really get to know their clients.  They know what appeals to them and what accessories belong in their homes.  Most of us don’t have the time to spend hours shopping for accessories, but the Belfort Furniture team of designers has access to so many accessories that they can select the perfect pieces for any space.  Picking the right accessories help to add a personal touch and really finish the look of your home.

5. Time and expertise.

You want a beautiful, comfortable and functional home but you don’t have the time or expertise to make it happen.  Our designers can save you time and money.  They know how to make your home function more efficiently, look more beautiful and feel more comfortable.

Sign up for an appointment with a Belfort Furniture Designer through the Belfort Furniture website today.

Here are a few pictures taken from some of our designers latest projects.  The pictures really tell the story of the excellent work they do for our customers.  Here is a living room redesign by Belfort designer, Toni Salazar and the accessories on this project were coordinated by another Belfort designer, Alissa Nelson.

Here is another amazing redesign by Belfort designer, Stefani Arnold.

Belfort Furniture is conveniently located in the Dulles area of eastern Loudoun County, Virginia, easily accessible from Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Whether you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, or Washington DC, we have the selection, styles and prices that make Belfort Furniture worth the trip! Belfort Furniture was voted “Retailer of the Year, 2012”, by National Home Furnishing Association and has been voted best furniture store in Loudoun County for 17 years in a row.