See how we're striving to be "Green" while creating Beautiful Rooms

Belfort Furniture is proud to call Loudoun County, Virginia our home and strives to not only provide beautiful rooms for our community but also to give back and preserve our precious environment.  Originating in Germany in 1969, Belfort Furniture began selling European home furnishings.  Belfort Furniture has always been a family owned business and has grown to our current size occupying over 100,000 square feet of space in the Belfort Business Park off Route 28 in Dulles, Virginia.  As we continue to grow, so does our commitment to the community and our responsibility to decrease our carbon footprint.

At Belfort Furniture we "Plant a tree for every delivery.”  As part of our efforts to give back to Mother Nature, and to ensure that our lovely planet remains healthy for generations to come, we donate a tree seedling for every delivery made by our Belfort Furniture Delivery Team.  Since 2007 Belfort Furniture has donated over 176,000 tree seedlings to the Virginia Department of Forestry.

What else is Belfort Furniture doing to stay “green”?

Belfort Furniture has converted to using a bale system for cardboard and plastic wrap.  In the furniture business, these two items are part of our daily lives and utilizing the bale system helps recycle and condense cardboard and plastic wrap.

In 2012 we replaced our showroom lighting with LED bulbs.  This transition has proved to be successful with a 10% reduction in energy use in just one of our buildings.

Throughout our showrooms and offices we provide clearly labelled recycling bins next to all trash bins and signs in restrooms kindly remind you to turn off the lights as you exit.

What’s next for Belfort Furniture’s green initiatives?

Baling paper is our next objective!  This process cuts, compresses, and rakes paper for recycling purposes.

This year Belfort Furniture began participating in the Loudoun County Green Business Challenge, hosted by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.  The challenge helps businesses find ways to improve their sustainability and to become more environmentally aware.  The challenge is based on a point system and provides points per categories such as educating staff members, changing out equipment, working with solar power, and reducing waste.  Our team at Belfort Furniture still has many objectives to achieve, but in time we will excel!

Recently, we also became members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an organization dedicated to working with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike to help adopt good sustainability practices.  The Sustainable Furnishings Council currently boasts over 400 members and continues to grow every year.  Working with many of our manufacturers, the Sustainable Furnishings Council helps ensure that the products and processes from the factories have a good sustainable platform.  Belfort Furniture looks forward to working with the Council to help improve our carbon footprint.  We strive to offer products with the best quality and sustainability.

To learn more about Belfort Furniture's eco-friendly furniture, read our blog post from last Earth Day by clicking here.  Brands we carry that are also members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council include Cresent Fine Furniture, Greenbrier Craftsmen, BModern, Rowe, Surya, Vanguard, and Vaughan Bassett.  Shop this selection of furniture online or in-store at Belfort Furniture's showrooms in Virginia, minutes away from Fairfax County.