Are you ready for some football?

This room certainly looks ready for some football with ideal seating for game watching. The Palliser Tijuana Home Theater Seating is just one of several home theater units on display in our showroom. One of the first signs of fall is not the crisp, cool weather but the start of the football season. Even before the temperatures dip…the games begin. We go from backyard BBQs to inviting people into our house and our living rooms for fantasy football drafts and football parties. College football started this past week, the first NFL game of the season was last night and the Redskins play this weekend. Are you ready?

Maybe you are looking around and realizing that you need to make some upgrades to your media room or perhaps you're thinking about surprising your husband with a “man-cave."

Whatever the case, if you are designing a new media room or updating your current one, there are some important design features that you need to remember. For the best viewing, your seating should be directly in front of the TV.

The lighting in your room is also crucial. Here are some lighting tips to follow when deciding where to place your television and furniture in your media room.

1. Make sure that windows letting in sunlight have adjustable blinds and/or draperies so you can get rid of any reflections on your TV screen.

2. If you have windows behind the TV, you may want to consider window treatments for that window -- light from a window behind the TV makes it difficult for your eyes to adjust to the brightness of the television.

3. If you're concerned about glare in your room, consider an LCD TV. The anti-reflective screens work best for strongly lit spaces.

4. A bit of background lighting can improve picture quality. Use dimmers in your media room to precisely control the amount of background light.

Also, did you know that there is a formula for picking the right size TV? Measure the distance from your seating area to the TV, take that number in inches and divide by two. That is approximately the screen size that your TV should measure. Now it never hurts to go a bit bigger than your measurement, but you wouldn't want a TV that would be smaller than that.

Once you have selected your screen size, leave the furniture selection to Belfort. We have so many styles of entertainment centers and everything from sofas and sectionals to theater screening chairs. No matter what size your room or screen, we can upgrade that football viewing area with style.

Do you need a new TV, an entertainment console or a TV stand? This Belfort Signature Belmont Salisbury Six-Piece Home Entertainment Wall Unit  with glass shelves adds a touch of style and lots of storage to your living room.

The Danforth wall unit from Hooker Furniture adds a casual yet sophisticated look for your living room and gives you the storage and display space you need for everything that goes along with the TV.

For a modern look, the Hammary Urbana entertainment console, has a back-splash for your TV. This background piece also has storage for all of your DVDs with eight spaces for storage along the sides of the unit.

Another elegant option is the Whalen Del Mar 60" Television Console. This simple design is great for a smaller area and adds some excellent storage space as well.

What about seating? Do you need a larger sectional sofa so you have enough seating for friends and family? Belfort Furniture has the largest selection of sofas in the DC Metro area. We can help you find the perfect sofa or sectional with plenty of seating.  The Oasis 3-piece sectional sofa by Huntington House -- the perfect sectional for entertaining a crowd. Available in over 1500 fabrics, you can create just the look you're after.

What about the Flexsteel Breakthrough sectional? A great choice for casual entertaining with family and friends.

Or enjoy unlimited seating positions with the  Flexsteel Hermosa power-reclining sectional. Power seating at its best!

If you're ready for a serious media room, it may be time to consider the Indianapolis 3-person power theater seating by Palliser. These screening chairs come with LED lighting, cup holders and headrests.

When selecting furniture or a TV for any room in your house, you need to make sure that the pieces that you choose fit the room. Some will say the bigger the better as far as a TV goes, but that may not always be the case. And, for furniture it is definitely not the case. If the furniture doesn't fit the room properly you will end up with a room that looks crowded and appears smaller than the actual size of the room.

Our professional design team, is ready to help you select the right pieces for your room and style of life. They are experienced at creating beautiful and functional living rooms and media rooms. So give us a call and set up an appointment for an interior design consultation. We'll make sure you're ready for that football party all season long.

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