4 Steps to Mixing Patterns like a Professional

If you’ve always wanted a bright and vibrant room but were too scared to mix patterns I have the perfect steps for you. Don’t be afraid of mixing different colors and patterns because it creates a beautifully decorated room. With my step by step process you’re going to be mixing patterns like a professional!  

fabric swatches.jpg

Step #1: Choose Patterns of Different Scales

When choosing different patterns, make sure you have variety in shapes and sizes. Pair larger prints like, fabric 1 above, with a stripe, like fabric 2, and add another geometric pattern, like fabric 3, for a perfect combination. By switching up the scale size of your patterns it prevents the patterns from becoming too overwhelming. Florals pair perfectly with stripes and other geometric patterns.

red and blue hunt house.jpg

Step #2 Consistent with Color

Although you want to mix and match with different patterns, it is important to have one color that is consistent throughout your fabrics.  If your favorite pattern has a bright red in it make sure your other patterns include the same red. A solid color fabric would also be a great alternative to help mix your patterns together.

huntingotn house pink room.jpg

Step #3 Use Different Textures

Mixing fabrics is meant to be playful, so have fun with it and mix up the textures. Incorporating a fluffy pillow, embroidered fabric, or ruffle detailing will add dimension to your bedroom or living room.

rowe living room pattern.jpg

Step #4 Find a Focal Point

When choosing fabrics for your room find a focal point first. This will be your base to build your other colors and patterns around. This focal point could be a wall color, painting, or rug. Once you know what colors you are going to be working with, this makes your pattern selection much easier!

Picking out fabric colors, prints, and patterns should be a fun process in your decorating endeavors. Never be afraid to take risk and think outside of the box with switching up textures and fabric patterns. With these steps your friends and family will think you hired a professional to design your space. The most important step is to have fun with it; the more fun you have the better your space will look!

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