3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Cocktail Table

When designing your dream room, the next step after seating is finding the perfect cocktail table. The main purpose for a  cocktail table is to fill the space in between your seating area. It’s important to make sure your table fits in with your style and the overall design of your room. Here are some simple steps to consider when searching for the perfect cocktail table.

Simple Step #1 : Select the Right Shape and Size

ogden cocktial table.jpg

Choosing a cocktail table that is proportionate to your sectional or couch is vital to making sure your space comes together. Whether you are purchasing a round or square cocktail table it is important to make sure it fits in your seating area. You want to make sure you table is proportionate to the other furniture in your space. If you have a sectional you want your table to fill most the negative space in between. Square cocktails table are better for larger spaces and rectangular ares good if you're tight on room. Getting a table that’s too big for your space will make it difficult for you and your guest to move around easily around the room.

Simple Step #2 :Determine What Works Best for your Lifestyle

retrospective coffee table.jpg

Think about what works best for your lifestyle. If you have children purchasing a round cocktail table might be best due to lack of sharp edges to prevent future accidents. If you like to gather in the living room for fun family activities. Purchasing a cocktail table with plenty of storage that features shelving and drawers is a great way to prevent clutter. 

Simple Step #3: Decide your Design Style

geometric cocktail table.jpg

Choosing the right cocktail table also comes down to preference. Which material do you prefer? Glass and marble tables tend to make a room appear to be spacious and modern. Darker wood such as cherry and walnut will give the room a traditional look. Consider what material, shape, and size will best represent your personal style.

Alternative: Cocktail Ottoman

F9 cocktial ottoman.jpg

Cocktail ottomans are the perfect substitute for a traditional cocktail table. Storage ottomans are a great option for storing pillows and blankets. They provide more comfort when lounging and it’s a fun way to incorporate a pop of color to your space.

The different options of cocktail tables are endless which can make the process overwhelming. Make the process easier by considering my three simple steps. When considering what table will work best your lifestyle, design, and size preference you will be able to purchase the right cocktail table for you. 

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