Pet Friendly Furniture for #LoveYourPetDay

One of the best days of the year has arrived #LoveYourPetDay and although we want to show your pets lots of love, we also want your pets to show your furniture love! In celebration of this day, I am going to show you the best pet friendly furniture, along with my tips and tricks on how to keep your pieces looking brand new.

Performance Fabrics

All animals are now welcome on the sofa with performance fabrics. There are so many great performance fabrics created with the modern family in mind. These fabrics are stain resistant, made with durable construction, and most importantly odor repellent. Kid proof by Rowe Furniture, Sunbrella, and Crypton are some of the top performance fabrics in their class to make sure you will never have to worry about an accident again.

Fabrics that Match with Your Pet

Owning a pet means getting fur on the sofa is inevitable, but we have the a solution that will make life a little easier. Choosing a fabric for your sofa that has similar coloring to your animal’s fur is a quick fix to make your piece look presentable at all times. Until cleaning day comes around getting a fabric that matches your pet is a great solution. .

Metal Legs

Prevent chewing and scratch marks on the legs of your furniture with purchasing pieces with mental legs. Not only is this a pet friendly option but it’s a stunning contemporary living room look.


Leather is a great option for a pet friendly furniture household. Fur isn’t attracted to leather and has an easy cleaning surface. Most leathers already have natural imperfections throughout the piece. Therefore if your pet likes to dig on the sofa it won’t stand out among the natural imperfections that leather has.

In honor of #LoveYourPet day we wanted to show you that you can have beautiful furniture and your little furry friend too. These are the perfect tips and tricks that we tell customers to relive the stress of having pets around your nice furniture.

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