How to Shop for Reclining Sofas

Having a comfortable seat in your home is especially important when it’s the season for watching football games, award shows, and binging Netflix shows. Reclining furniture comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors and advanced technologies such as manual, power, power headrest, power lumbar, and USB chargers. When shopping for your next piece of motion furniture these are some features and technologies you should consider having in your sofa, sectional, or chair.

Power vs. Manual

The idea of Reclining Sofas and Motion Recliners are to be able to lay back and relax while propping your feet. up. Now you need to decide if you want power reclining furniture or manual. The main difference between the two is cost, maintenance, and longevity. Manual recliners are very straightforward only having a traditional pull lever while power has controlled movements with a just a push of a button that causes less wear and tear to your recliner.



If you are someone who wants movie theater seating in your home with convenient features such as cup holders, and a place to put your TV remotes, consider a sectional that has built in console storage.This is Theater Seating that is built to best fit your lifestyle and suit your space.


Do you like to be on on your electronic device while relaxing?. Choosing a Motion Sofa that has USB capabilities is important. Motion Furniture such as Miller Power Reclining Sofa above features, lumbar and headrest mechanisms with just the touch of a button. For added convenience, you'll find a USB port, and home button that will return the headrest, footrest, and lumbar mechanisms to their original positions.

Color, size, and style are important when choosing the reclining piece of furniture for your home but so are the features that come with it. Sofa Recliners, Theater Seating, and Reclining Chairs are a lot more than just a place to sit now. Motion furniture now has advanced features and technology that make lounging more convenient to your lifestyle and body type. Regardless if your style is contemporary or traditional you can find the perfect piece of motion furniture that best suits you.

We have over 50 reclining furniture pieces on display in our showrooms with recliners starting at $399 and reclining sofas starting at $699. Visiting our showroom and experiencing each option yourself is importantly You'll want to find the right reclining sofa, loveseat, recliner, sectional, or theater seating that fits you and your needs perfectly!