Performance Fabrics 101

Because accidents happen especially on your favorite light-colored sofa, I want to tell you the're are fabrics that will always have your back. Dirty paws, wine spills, and food stains will never ruin your day again. These fabrics are durable, making sure that your furniture is resistant to fading, stains, and odors while keeping the soft touch of a traditional fabric. Take some stress off your life by making sure your furniture will always be protected with these different brands of performance fabrics.


The options are endless when it comes to picking out fabrics for your home. Perfect for indoor and outdoor, each fabric is soft and sophisticated with bringing the upmost style and performance to any environment. Routine dyeing processes leave color on the surface while Sunbrella is saturated to the core leaving the fabric UV and face resistant. Sunbrella is also engineered to protect against mold and mildew; it's bleach cleanable without losing any color to the fabric.


Everyone is welcome on the furniture, even the dog with Crypton performance fabrics. You can cuddle up with your furry friend beaucse this soft fabric is odor resistant making sure the stinky pooch smells don’t linger onto your sofa or other furniture in the room. Dirty paws are welcome because the fabric is super easy to clean with household items such as laundry detergent and a lukewarm towel. Simple easy cleaning steps that will make it look like the aacident never happened.

bed picnic.jpg


Woven with Olefin yarn Revolution Performance fabrics are extremely durable and easy to clean. All fabrics are made with upcycled fibers that have no chemical treatments making them environmental friendly. Unlike any other performance fabric, revolution is 100% made in the United States, manufactured right in the mountains on North Carolina. These fabrics are stain resistant, durable, easy to clean and soft to touch

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