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  • Apr 11

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    Be Bold! Choose Color for your Upholstered Furniture

    by Katrina Guzman

    Avoid the neutrals for a change and pick something you LOVE! If you’re anything like me your home is filled with various shades of white, taupe, and grey.  Your kitchen cabinets are most likely white or a variation of brown and your flooring sticks to this neutral color palette as well.  Take a step with me and choose something different…choose color! As spring arrives and color comes back into nature we suddenly feel our spirits begin to lift.  What a perfect time to bring more color into our homes.  A bright and cheery room can help encourage creativity every day and welcome guests with open arms. Gravitating towards blue?  It’s the color of trust and can signify loyalty and integrity. In love with red?  Red is a strong color that …
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